Alice de Araujo
Alice de Araujo
Transformation Consulting

Simply The Nest Collaboration, Advertising and Sponsorship

Sponsored posts and gifted products

I am happy to occasionally receive products from quality UK-based companies, or receive payment for content creation. I prefer to work with businesses that have strong ethical and diversity credentials. Please get in touch via my contact page to request a media kit.


I am interested in collaborating with UK businesses, especially local ones, on skills swaps. This could involve making our house available for photoshoots, workshops or business days, in return for a relevant creative service. Please get in touch if this sounds interesting.


I do not currently sell advertising space on Simply The Nest.

Guest Posts on Simply The Nest

I do not publish guest posts from third parties on Simply The Nest.

Affiliate Links

I do not include any affiliate links on Simply The Nest.

Simply The Nest Disclosure Policy

I use two different categories of disclosure on my DIY blog and social media feeds. These are described below for transparency. 

For all the below, I use these tags at the first point at which I reference the product or experience, and the brand. Bringing this to life, readers of Simply The Nest should never have to wonder if the product or experience I am describing will later be revealed to be sponsored or gifted in some way, as if this is the case I will disclose it at the point of mentioning it. 

I hope the guidance below is clear, but if you have any questions, then please get in touch. 


This indicates that the product or experience was given to me for free by the brand, with no strings attached. This means that I was not required to post about the gift on my blog or social media feeds. 

#sponsored, #ad or #advert

I use these tags to indicate when I have been gifted a product or experience with the agreement that I would feature it on my blog or social media feeds, when I have been given a purchasing discount, or when I have received financial payment for the content I have created for the relevant brand.