Introducing Miss Penelope

Hello, world! My Mommy is flying home from Berlin right now, and has taken her watchful eye off the blog – so I have seized my opportunity! Ha ha ha!

My name is Penelope, and I’m a much adored two-year old Irish Jack Russell. I have a big brother called Enrique, who is much fluffier than me, and I’ve never been parted from him in my entire little life.

Apart from when he goes to the doctor once a year for his annual check-up, but the last time this happened I made such a Big Noisy Fuss that my Daddy had to take me along the road to the doctor too, so I can find where my brother had gotten too.

You see, I am the proud owner of officially the Worst Jack Russell Yap in the history of all the Russells. You should hear me when I see a pigeon. No, wait, when I see a squirrel. No, wait, when I see Frank, the boxer who lives next door. No, wait, when I think I’m being taken for a walk. No, wait, when I – what was I talking about......?

Anyway, this is me – check out my glorious spotted tum:

Mostly what I like to spend my time doing is sleeping. I sleep for around 20 hours a day. I do have a basket, which I like to sleep in sometimes:

But most of the time I like to sleep on the sofa. Oh yes, my brother and I are allowed on the sofa. Mommy says there is a strict ‘Jack Russells Are Allowed To Do Whatever They Want’ policy in operation in the Nest. Sometimes I like to stretch out, sometime I like to arrange myself in a really uncomfortable-looking position, sometimes I like to curl into an adorable ball, and sometimes I like to make myself a little Penny-Nest on top of a cushion:

OK, I’m ready for my close-up:

Let’s get a little closer:

Seriously, could I be any cuter? I’m the prettiest Jack Russell in the world! Mommy says I wouldn’t last very long in the wild. Mommy is probably right:

Have a good weekend, peeps! I am over and out! Yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap......