A Trio Of Paris Apartments

I’ve mentioned before how much Andre and I adore Paris. We love spending long weekends wandering happily around the Marais – and we always stay in rented apartments, rather than hotels. We tell ourselves it’s all necessary research as part of our Five Year Moving To France Masterplan, which you can read about here.

We stay in different apartments every time we visit, which we book through Lodgis. Today, I’d like to share three very different apartments that we have stayed in over the past few years with you.

This is the first apartment that we ever rented in Paris, about five years ago. It’s in the 2eme, on Boulevard des Capucines. We chose it because it was central, cute, and inexpensive (at the time, it was around 75 euros per night, which left us with plenty of change for mojitos on Rue Oberkampf):

It’s a 23m sq studio with a sofa bed – and I really like the retro styling, and in particular the huge floor lamp. It’s on the fifth floor, so we had great views over the Opera Garnier.

Here’s apartment number two – this one is on Rue St Louis en L’Isle, and is pretty special. It’s 40m sq, with a gorgeous 20m sq roof terrace overlooking Notre Dame:

When we visited Paris in September of this year, we stayed in this apartment in the 3eme on Rue au Maire:

I love the staircase! I think the owners did a great job with the design. They actually built a second ‘bedroom’ on top of the bathroom, accessible by a chunky wooden ladder that looks more like a piece of sculpture. And apart from the lovely styling, it’s one of only four certified organic apartments in Paris.

Again, this apartment is on the top floor, so it had a great view over the (slightly run-down) street at the front, and the Centre Pompidou at the back:

Which one do you like best? I like the price of the first one, the street and roof terrace from the second one, and the location (but not the street) and styling of the third one.

Now I just need to choose an apartment for our next trip – I always say to the landlords ‘oh yes, we’ll definitely be back’, and I do mean it at the time, but there are just too many fabulous apartments in Paris waiting to be discovered….