Champagne And Hot-Dogs - A Midnight Outdoor Autumn Picnic

Earlier, I posted some pictures from our Halloween pumpkin soup and lantern making extravaganza – well, it turned out to be unseasonably warm in Manchester on Saturday night (yes, really! It does happen!) so we decided to have our Halloween dinner outside at the witching hour, by candlelight.

First we took down the pumpkin soup – delicious – and then we had enjoyed a feast of organic sausages, bread rolls and salad, and of course lashings of Heinz tomato ketchup and Dijon mustard, washed down with champagne. I know that conventional style dictates that champagne should probably be consumed with strawberries, or maybe Laduree macaroons, but what can I say, it sure tastes good with hot-dogs:

On the left-hand side of the photo you can see one of the tall, slim champagne flutes from Heals that we were lucky enough to be given as one of our wedding presents last summer, along with the silver ice-bucket.

The candles are basically just tea-lights dropped into glasses – so simple, and it makes such a pretty effect. You can also see our Habitat fairylights in the top right-hand of the photo. You can see more photos of the twinkly garden lights that pretty up our Nest at night here.

I'll be back tomorrow with either the first step in my DIY Kitchen Survival Guide (creating an inspiration board) - or possibly a sneak peek into the French home I'm dreaming about right now. Thanks for reading, and see you again soon!