A Year In The Secret Garden - November

As I’ve said in an earlier post, my favourite Nest renovation has to be our garden. In a few short years we have transformed a barren rectangle of concrete and patchy grass into a Mediterranean-inspired secret garden – you can see the before and after pictures here and here.

Something I love about our garden is how it looks interesting all year round – the colours change, the leaves fall, the shapes of the pergola and the trees emerge, the spring flowers peep through the soil, the leaves cover the trees, the yellow spring bulbs give way to the blue and purple summer bulbs, the garden becomes jungly again, the colours change, and the cycle continues.

So I thought I would take a photo of the garden on the first day of every month (no matter what the weather is like) to create an ongoing picture of our garden all year round.

Here’s the first one in the series – our secret garden in November:

And for comparison, here’s a photo of how it looked in June this year:

You can see how the colours have changed on the forsythia (the tree/large shrub on the deck, on the left-hand side), and how the leaves have mostly dropped off the hawthorn tree towards the back, on the right. You can also the bamboos and the parasol blowing in the autumn wind.

I’ve created a new photo set called A Year In Our Secret Garden in the photo gallery, and will add a new photo to this every month.

I’ll be back soon with the first step in my DIY Kitchen Survival Guide – creating an inspiration board. I know I have been promising this, but it really is on the way :-)