So far I've featured two Etsy Christmas round-ups - one for Christmas cards, and another for stylish gifts for the dog-lover in your life. Check them out here and here. I'm back with a third round-up - this time I'm looking at sellers who are local to Manchester, my home town:

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I love how Manchester is one perpetual contrast between vintage and contemporary. Sometimes it feels as if the entire city is made from either Victorian red brick, or 21st century green glass. I like it a lot.

First of all, let's take a look at these quirky box canvases by Art Angel, which are created using collaged papers, acrylic paints, ribbon, lace, buttons:

I recognised these immediately from the window of Novus, a cool contemporary gallery in West Didsbury - you can check out a photo of Novus here from my recent West Didsbury Sunday morning tour.

I love these slouchy, boho, organic bags by Edward de Lacey:

Each one is made by hand by Edward and is completely unique. If you like carrying things that no one else has got, then these are the handbags for you.

These fabric book bags by Lilly Blossom are very clever - simply slot the front and back covers of a book inside, and behold, you have a cute little bag to carry your book around in:

How beautiful are those wooden bowls by Serlewood? I love woodwork which shows off the natural grain, textures and flaws of the wood:

These printed tea-towels, mugs and fabric bags from Mr. PS are cute:

The designer, Megan Price, has been featured in British Vogue and French Elle, and is inspired by vintage signage, eating and drinking, and the great British seaside. Me likey.

Aisling Law is a textile designer who specialises in screen printed wall art. She sells beautiful screen printed canvases and cards - many of which are inspired by the Manchester landscape:

When I look closely at her canvases I can see the windows of famous Manchester streets like Newton Street. I remember learning to screen print in art class at school - it's something I'd love to take up again one day.

Finally, I adore the work of Elizabeth Prince (I featured one of her bowls in a room design based on Van Gogh's Room at Arles a few weeks ago):

Elizabeth's ceramics are just stunning. I have seen them up close, and the contrast between the delicacy of the shapes and the rough texture of the finish is quite startling.

Don't we have a lot of talented Etsy designers in Manchester? I hope you feel a little bit inspired by this selection. I know I would be very happy to find a gift or two from this round-up under the Christmas tree.

As I've been writing this, I've realised that yet again I've featured a predominantly scarlet and blue selection. What can I say, I just love that colour combination. You can check out our scarlet and blue kitchen here, here and here.

Back tomorrow with more festive Nestery!