We have had more snow in Manchester in the past week than I've ever seen in the seven years I've been living here. So when I woke up on Sunday morning to find that yet more had fallen in the night, the solution to the 'what shall we do today' question seemed obvious - head over to Tatton Park and take the dogs for a long, snowy walk.

Well, it took nearly two hours to get there. In fact it took so long that we nearly ran out of petrol. And my car was horrible to drive on the icy roads (we realised when we checked it this morning that it has a flat tyre, which would go some way to explaining why it handled so badly). So I can now add 'spend two hours sitting in Kwik Fit' to my list of Christmas preparations. Yay.

However, Tatton was stunning. Voila:

Not too shabby looking, eh. Naturally I felt inspired to perform one of my trademark jumps (you can check out more on this post). It looks like I jumped about two metres off the ground, which is cool.

Enrique encountered his first ever snowman! He was very perplexed by said snowman, but dealt majestically with the situation by lifting his leg on it before I could stop him. That's my boy:

More loveliness:

I'm wearing Uggs, a French connection skirt, Top Shop coat, Accessorize hat, Andre's ski gloves, and about seven jumpers. I was pretty toasty.

Three-quarters family portrait:

When we got home, we had mugs of hot Milo, followed by shepherd's pie. It was a good day. What did you do this weekend?

If you'd like to see some photos of Tatton Park in autumn, then check out this post.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the Christmas cards that I made this year. À bientôt!