Want To See The Christmas Gifts I Gave This Year?

I had a glorious time finding Christmas gifts for my family this year. Here are some of the presents I chose:

Journal by Amanda Ross featuring her botanical designs printed onto fabric. I purchased the journal, along with some notecards and lavender-scented silk sachets, from the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which you can read more about here:

Coasters from The Perfect Gift Shop on Etsy - I emailed four photos from our summer holiday in Provence to the designer, Allison Bridges, and she printed them onto travertine:

Poppy dish and red heart vessels from Elizabeth Prince (I blogged about Elizabeth's work in this earlier post):

Blossom lamp from Hannah Nunn (you can see one of Hannah's lamps in situ on my mirrored chest of drawers here):

Perpetual Paris calendar from Little Brown Pen (who was awesome enough to arrange special postage to the UK):

Japanese puzzle box from Hawkins Bazaar - it took Andre about half an hour to get into it, but he said it was worth it to find these cufflinks by Colette Hazelwood inside:

Silver necklace by Franny and Filer - bought in the awesome Manchester Craft Centre:

Vintage letterpress blocks by Home and Glory from Not On The High Street:

Everything seemed well received by the intended recipients :-) so it was defnitely worth the effort involved in both finding these gifts, and then wrapping them elaborately in paper, hessian, lace and twine.

Would you like to receive one of these gifts? What was your favourite gift that you gave (or received) this year?

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