Today I'd like to share an Etsy Christmas card round-up.

The cards in this selection meet two criteria. One, they are available to ship to the UK. Two, I like 'em.

First up, these lovely twig and berry designs by InkDropDesign - I like the Snow White effect of the crimson berries against the pale background. I also liked the white bird in the turquoise card: 

Moving on, look at these lovely letterpress cards by SmockPaper, which are printed on bamboo paper:

SmockPaper have a number of holiday designs, but I liked the sentiment of these 'peace on earth' cards. And the co-ordinating patterned envelope is pretty special. Of course I like the blue and scarlet combination, as our kitchen is decorated in these colours.

Naturally I couldn't resist these Wire Fox Terrier cards by ForeverFoxed - the closest I could find to a Jack Russell. They are hand printed using a Gocco:

These fabulous cards are by MrYen. The squirrel is handcut on cartridge paper with a rich dark brown insert, and the card comes wrapped in red and white twine with a free paper cut squirrel. I also adore the Winter Whites prints - they're photographs, not cards, but I love the idea of giving them as a very special Christmas card/present:

Next up, this beautifully simple letterpress design by AmyB13. Again, the blue and crimson combination is a winner for me, and the twigs and berries in vases image is lovely and neutral, with a Christmassy hint:

Finally, I love this Last Trace Of Winter postcard by Lobster and Swan - how amazing would it be to receive such a beautiful treasure in the post?

So there you go - that's my Etsy Christmas card round-up. I hope you like it!

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