Our Bedroom Inspiration Board

I adore making inspiration boards. I find them so useful when it comes to creating a cohesive look in a room. These days I make inspiration boards using tech, but back in days of yore I used good ol' paper, scissors and glue.

Here's our bedroom inspiration board:

You can view a larger version of this board here.

Here are a few details:

You can check out our kitchen inspiration board here, our garden inspiration board here, and read about how to create an inspiration board here.

At some stage in the next few weeks I'll post some photos of how our bedroom actually turned out in comparison to this inspiration board - we ended up with a mix of reclaimed oak and mirrored furniture, French bedlinen, and a glass chandelier, so it came out fairly close, I think.

Back tomorrow with - either a recipe, or maybe a little tour of the wonderful Manchester Craft Centre. À bientôt :-)

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