Light And Airy Notting Hill Home

Let's round off the week with a little peep into designer Sam de Teran's Notting Hill home. It's rainy and gloomy here in Manchester today, but looking at this light, bright and airy home cheered me up no end. All photos are taken from The Telegraph magazine.

It was really the kitchen that drew me to this house. I love kitchens that don't really look like kitchens, but more like regular rooms (for another great example of this style, check out the antique mirror in this gorgeous kitchen by This is Glamorous). The kitchen-but-not-a-kitchen look is one that I'm definitely intending to replicate in our next casa:

And look at the fabulous colour on the wall at the end of the kitchen:

Here's the dining room - wouldn't you just hate to have floor-to-ceiling windows like that?

Here's the cosy living room - mmm, books (I bet the shelves extend all the way up to the ceiling too):

I saw a photo on Decor8 this week from someone who had turned all their books to face spine inwards, so they better colour-coordinated with the decor - personally I think this is taking things a bit far (it looked pretty, but how on earth would you find the book that you particularly wanted to read?). But then, I adore books, I have hundreds and hundreds of them, and they all live very happily on my Ikea Expedit (which you can see here) in our home office, arranged in a highly idyosyncratic and eccentric manner (by mood, if you're asking).

Finally, here's the bathroom - naturally I am very fond of the contrast between the Victorian bath fittings and fireplace as contrasted with the contemporary tiles and shower head:

So, this weekend I am planning on painting the wall in our home office, taking the terrible twosome for a walk in Tatton Park (in my new wellies, which have finally been delivered), having dinner at Pinchjos (our local tapas restaurant), reading In The Eye Of The Sun by Adhaf Soueif, and generally pottering around and not doing very much. How about you?

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