FINALLY the heirloom medicine cabinet is finished!

Well, it has only taken six months, but the vintage medicine cabinet that I inherited from my Grandpa is finally finished.

First of all I sanded the cabinet, then I painted it, distressed it, and spray painted the tin storage boxes. All that remained was to add wooden handles (which I painted using the same bluey grey as the rustic desk in our home office): 

And to glue paper over the glass windows to hide the virulently coloured DVDs inside (I was going to use this part of the cabinet for decorative storage, but we cracked the grass screwing on new hinges so to salvage the situation I decided to paper over the damage):

We all like a nice before and after, yes? Here you go - six months of hard manual labour, and this delightful vision of loveliness:

Has been transformed into this:

The vases are from Habitat, the wooden bowl was a wedding present, and the blue and white ceramics are by Lee Page Hanson. The wooden lamp was made by my Granddad, and the photography on the wall (just seen) is by Neil Roland, and was my wedding present to Andre.

And what's inside the drawers? Why, vintage linen passed down from my Grandma, of course:

Blimey, it's nice to finally be able to post the after pics of this cabinet. What can I say, some DIY projects take a reeeeally long time (if one is, y'know, fairly to moderately lazy). Happy weekend, everyone!