I'm very fond of walking round our neighbourhood - exploring the little cobbled paths that run behind the Victorian terraced houses, checking out what's new in the shops and cafes, stumbling upon the occasional secret community garden bursting with flowers. And of course now I have even more reason to get out and about, being as little Eva Bella is very fond of a snooze in her pram while Mummy bounces her gently over the pavements of West Didsbury.

The park was covered in snow:

I wore my floral wellies:

Some creative locals made a tiny snowman with antler-like twigs and a rosebud for a nose:

The silver birch trees looked lovely and delicate against the blue December sky:

Who needs a Christmas garland on the front door when you have a natural red berry arch?

Back home, someone didn't want to put her bottom on the snow cos it was too cold:

(And someone else is too fluffy to care about a bit of the old frozen stuff):

Do you like to meander around your neighbourhood?