A Year In The Secret Garden - April

Finally spring is upon us, and with it this month's Year In The Secret Garden photos.

Here's how our garden is looking at the moment:

Sun! Yellow forsythia! Sun!

My potted Spring Green tulips are about to flower, and there are already a few daffodils blooming. Usually at this time of year the garden is a sea of daffodils, but with the Dickensian winter we just suffered through most of them have evidently taken the decision to put up leaves, but not flowers:

All the clematis plants have survived, however, and are growing like crazy:

And best of all, clematis armandii is in full bloom - shown here trailing over the pergola alongside one of the Moroccan lanterns we brought home from our honeymoon in Marrakech:

This clematis is now three years old, and has started to flower tremendously - the pergola is practically groaning with blooms, and the scent on a warm day is quite overpowering:

Look, even Little Missy is enjoying the fragrance:

You can compare the monthly progress of our secret garden by checking out this photo gallery.

What's happening in your garden at the moment?