How To Store Hundreds Of Vintage Records

What would you do if you inherited hundreds of incredible vintage jazz records?

Keeping them in boxes on the living room floor doesn't really seem like the best option - apart from the whole how-to-get-to-the-window issue, something tells me that a certain Little Miss would like nothing more than to gnaw on some vintage vinyl:

However, building an extra Ikea Expedit section... sit on top of an existing Expedit section and create a floor-to-ceiling unit seems very sensible:

(It kinda looks as if this is one photo, but it's actually a before on the left and an after on the right.)

Yes, the records look quite happy in their new home:

My Grandpa (who gave me the records) was a passionate jazzman - he collected the records over a period of around seventy years. He also played the vibraphone - here is one of his beaters:

The final touch, natch, was to procure a new record player and install it in the kitchen so I can listen to Billie Holiday while I cook. And it pleases me that the record player sits very comfortably alongside the JBL ipod player:

Have you incorporated any beloved family heirlooms into your casa?