How To Teach The Torches To Burn Bright

On Saturday Andre and I drove down to Stratford to see the RSC perform Romeo and Juliet (the tickets were an awesome Christmas present from my parents).

There's something fabulously English about Stratford - it fits right in there with Pimms, cucumber sandwiches, croquet on the lawn, picnics in the rain with tartan blankets and wicker hampers, and so on.

They are still re-building the main theatre, so the the play was performed at the Courtyard Theatre:

I can't say too much about the play because Mum and Dad have tickets to see it themselves and I don't want to spoil anything (R&J both die at the end!! Sorry guys) - but we had seats on the front row of the stalls, and it was a totally overwhelming experience being so close to the action. We LOVED it. Although we did have to dodge quite a lot of flying spit from the actors, and were somewhat relieved when one of the worst offenders (Mercutio) was killed off in the first half (again, apologies, I just keep giving the plot away).


Afterwards we wandered back along the river - I kinda wanted to take a boat out onto the Avon (so English!) but we had to get home to Mr Enrique and Miss Penelope, who sure enough were champing at the bit to be let outside when we finally rolled home.

It was a fine day out :-)

Has anyone else been partaking of classic summer pursuits?