Technically it is still May, so I can just about get away with sharing the latest set of A Year In Our Secret Garden photos.

Here's how things are looking right now:

The poor cordylines did not survive the Dickesian winter (wail, rend garments, gnash teeth), but fortunately are showing signs of new growth at the base.

And the purple and blue clematis are looking lovely:

As are the allium pom-poms:

If I were the kind of person who used the term 'pops of colour', I'd so be going to town on that right now in reference to those glorious purple bad boys.

You can see all the photos in the series here.

This weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK - Andre and I are planning to spend as much time outside as possible with les chiens, and will also be zipping over the Pennines to visit the parents in Yorkshire. You?