Market Day In Bonnieux, Provence

Would you like to join me on a little tour of a French market? Come along, then :-)

Bonnieux is a gorgeous hilltop village in the Luberon:


It overlooks the the entire Luberon valley:

And it has a very popular market on Friday mornings:

Most of the peeps in these photos are French tourists - you know you've found a nice part of France when the French themselves come on holiday here.

Would you like a little view to accompany your pomme de terres?

Sporting a fancy hat is apparently a prerequisite to fish-mongering in Provence:

I bought a kilo of cherries from this lady cos the sign said 1 kilo for 3.5 euro.

Turns out 1 kilo of cherries is a LOT - but that actually worked out well cos we got stuck in a two hour bouchon on the way home (a bouchon is a cork, and also a traffic jam) and I whiled the time away by munching my way through the entire box of cherries and tossing the stones out of the sun roof. I'm sure that in ten years time people driving down the Autoroute du Soleil will marvel at the cherry tree grove growing in the central reservation.

À bientôt!