Le Five Year Master Plan Update - French Dog Practice

Now, an extremely important element of our Five Year Master Plan to move to France is training our two naughty Jack Russells (Enrique and Penny) to behave like civilised French dogs. Here's an update on how the French dog practice is coming along, following our family holiday to Provence in July.

In many ways, life in Provence is basically the same as life in Manchester from a Jack Russell's perspective.

Plenty of time is spent relaxing in fluffy baskets, and sitting on mats with plastic turkeys:

Rather a lot of sleeping takes place:

And quite a lot of tennis-balling:

They were both very well behaved in the local cafés - well, providing Miss Penelope was allowed to sit on a knee (all the better to keep a watchful eye over the local cat population). Someone else, however, preferred to lie on the floor amid the Gauloises stubs:

French dogs probably aren't allowed to get onto the table though, are they?

And I'm fairly certain that French dogs aren't allowed to tuck themselves into bed:

Yeah. There's probably still quite a lot of practising that needs to be done. What a shame, we'll have to go back next summer and have another crack at it. Quel dommage!