How To Make A Teeny Tiny Photo Album

This diddly little photo album makes a great present - I made one for Andre for our first wedding anniversary (paper). It's about the size of a credit card so it's easy to carry around in your pocket.

The first thing you need to do is decide how big you want the album to be, and how many pages you want to have. You'll then need to get busy in Photoshop and re-size however many pictures would be required to fit your chosen number of pages. I re-sized a bunch of photos to 5cm x 8cm, put them all on one image in a grid, had the image printed off from the local printer at 12" x 8" and then cut the pictures into individual images.

Next up, you'll need a few rectangles of art paper (hand-torn to size looks great) which have been folded down the middle to create pages that are the right size to hold your photos with a small border. You'll also need something to act as the cover for the album. I used stiff woven paper from Paperchase, but you could also use leather, or cardboard, or fabric - whatever you feel like. Finally, you'll need some glue, plus a needle and thread.

Sew your pages together (not the cover at this stage) using a simple running stitch to create a little book. I would suggest leaving a long piece of thread at the end for attaching the pages to the cover.

Carefully sew through from the pages to the cover, pulling tightly. Finish off with a knot, and then run the thread through to the middle of the book to disguise the end.

Stick in your photos:

And tie the album together with a piece of ribbon or twine.

Cute, eh?

Have you done anything creative with your photos recently? Do tell :-)