One of my 'daily read' blogs is Making It Lovely - I always enjoy spending time in Nicole's honeysuckle, beeswax and coral rose coloured world. One of my favourite features on this blog is 'Making it Yours', where Nicole follows one piece of furniture through several stages of an imagined life, and presents a mood board for each.

In 2009, one of the presents I gave Andre for Christmas was the perennial calendar Perpetual Paris from Little Brown Pen.

We assembled it, and hung it in our home office (and even painted the walls dark blue to enhance its beauty). In summer 2010, we turned our home office into a nursery for our beautiful daughter, Eva Bella (not that we knew our baby was going to be a girl at this stage) - and we kept Perpetual Paris on the wall cos with the numbers and high contrast colours it felt very baby-friendly.

So I felt inspired by Nicole to create my very own real-life Making it Yours featuring Perpetual Paris. Here's the first installment - Perpetual Paris gracing our home office.

Let's take a look at the mood board first...

And now let's check out some real-life photos of how this space turned out. Please forgive the quality - we haven't had any sunlight in Manchester for weeks!


In the next installment, we'll see how Perpetual Paris fits into our baby daughter's nursery. That is, if a certain gorgeous baby girl allows Mummy twenty minutes to write a quick blog post :-)