Baby Bedroom Update

We have paint on the walls!

OK, it's just the white undercoat. The 5l and 2.5l tins of Dulux Javan Dawn 2 and 5 respectively are still sitting forlornly on the floor. But we're inching ever closer to realising our turquoise, aqua and sunshine yellow vision for Natalia's nursery.

From this:

To this:

To this:

To this. Woot!

And from this:

To this:

And look! The carpet is no more! And no messing around with skips taking up the driveway and being mysteriously filled up overnight by helpful locals for us - we chopped that bad boy into little pieces and tossed it into the wheelie bin. Bye bye, filthy carpet!

Naturally the floor's in a bit of a state, but we learned from finishing Eva's bedroom floor that a hacked up piece of 130 year old pine actually looks better once lathered in Osmo than a brand new piece of Swedish redwood, so we're planning to repair as many of the original planks as possible.

In the meantime, however, we've been busy cracking on with our family Advent activities. Garden centre baubles have been purchased, the Advent tree is ready, and possibly the world's largest Christmas tree is propped up against the side of the house having a good old drink of water. Follow me on Twitter for all the riveting real life updates!