A Pinteresting Spare Room

You all know I'm a Pinterest fan, right? Here are some of the images I've saved as inspiration for the spare room.

Overall room inspiration:

Sources: Est Magazine via Decor8, D*S, Rachel Whiting, Jamie Beck via Elements of Style.

We're going for white walls with yellow and pink accents. I should probably refer to the yellow and pink accents as pops of colour, but I just can't bring myself to do that without throwing up in my mouth a little.

Key details:

Sources: Marie Claire Maison via Automatism, FabricYann Deret via Automatism,  Linens Limited, Photocard Boutique, House to Home.

After much searching, I've ordered this yellow and white print Suzani fabric from the US (for some reason you simply can't buy plain yellow and white prints in the UK. Weird, huh?). The shipping and import duty cost more than the fabric itself, but it's fabulous, I love it, and am busy turning it into curtains and cushions. We're also going to hang a display of mirrors (after a quick run round the house to gather up all the random mirrors left behind by the previous owners), and give a few items of furniture some ever-so-fashionable pink socks.

For some reason I'm driven towards a far-from-neutral palette in our new house. I think it's because it just feels right to fill a home for children with colour and pattern. It's a new direction for me, but I'm liking the results so far. After pictures to come!