Finally, Some After Photos Of The Spare Bedroom

Finally, Some After Photos Of The Spare Bedroom

I realised this morning that I had a brief window of opportunity to take some photographs of the spare bedroom sans suitcases/piles of nappies (Eva moved back to her own bedroom yesterday, and we don't have any guests arriving until tomorrow).

So here she is:

I'm so over looking at vignettes of interiors, aren't you? I want to see the whole room! So I just photographed the room from a few different corners. I also don't have time to create vignettes because I'm too busy chasing after a three-foot tall curly-headed vignette destroyer, so this is just what the room looks like with no 'props'.

The light's horrible cos we haven't had any sun in Manchester for days, but considering the room when we moved in was so incredibly dark we were contemplating having to install an interior window to draw light from the stairwell, it's pretty damn bright in there. Amazing what a coat of white paint can do.

You may recognise the vintage medicine cabinet - I simply painted the handles hot pink (and emptied a whole load of crap out of it so our guests actually have somewhere to put their clothes). Other projects include the yellow and hot pink stools-from-the-cellar, and the table-from-the-cellar with hot pink socks.

As a quick recap - here's what the room looked like when we moved in:

Check out the inspiration board here.

Here's a hideous in-progress shot (read more about our efforts to plaster huge holes and sand 130 years of grime from the floor here):

And here she is all clean and pretty:

I'm actually jealous of our guests who get to sleep here. But then again, I'm currently sleeping in a master bedroom with red walls, a red ceiling, a red carpet and mustard trim, so I think a little room-envy is fair enough, really.