Toddler Bedroom - Before And After

It's done! Eva's big girl bedroom is done! It's an oasis of hot pink and baby blue perfection, and we couldn't be more delighted with how the room has turned out.

The majority of the renovation cost went on the floor, walls and fabric, as we already owned the majority of the furniture and accessories. Here's a breakdown:

  • Cot, Ikea Expedit, giant teddy and toys, mirrored chest of drawers, Ikea lamp, curtain poles and rings, fairy lights, tissue paper pompoms: £0 (already owned)
  • Fabric and trim (bean bags, curtains and chair): £250
  • Paint and plaster: £100
  • Wooden flooring: £175
  • Osmo floor oil: £65
  • Wardrobe: £240 from Airport Antiques on eBay (it's a 1950s walnut Queen Anne style number that I had intended to paint but am now planning to keep au naturale)

Total: £882. I reckon coming in under £1k isn't too bad, considering 1) we'd probably have been charged around that by a contractor just to replaster and paint the room and 2) the horrendous state of the 'before':

We still want to paint the weirdly huge wooden cupboard, and add a full length mirror on one door and a cork board for Eva's masterpieces on the other, but for now we are calling this room DONE. Hurrah!