Victorian House Extension Inspiration

We're starting to think about how our planned ground floor side and rear extension might look. It's exciting! I feel that when you're extending a Victorian house in particular, you need to either precisely match the original building using reclaimed materials and identical lines, or else do something completely different.

So OK, this isn't remotely practical. I bet it cost £100k+ to effectively add space for a small dining table, two chairs and a buffet - and about 1000 helium balloons, should you so desire. But it's very beautiful.

Paul+O Architects

I also love the look of simple glass additions like the one below.


The obvious problem with glass extensions, however, is that our heating bills in the winter months would be even more eye-watering than they are now, and the only member of the household who would actually enjoy spending time in there in the summer would be sun-lovin' Penny.

Also, the neighbours would look in. And glass ceilings and walls look very pretty until one of the local magpies does a giant poo down them. So no to glass. Some glass, yes. But not an entire building.

Timber cladding could look good...

Michael Laird Architecture

Or maybe even timber shingles.

Gibson Architects

Perhaps white render? Especially when matched to white exterior window frames or lintels to provide a link between old and new.

Tamir Addadi Architecture

This is definitely our favourite, however. Oh my goodness. The blend of reclaimed and new materials, the glass, the angles, the line of the roof... stunning. And out of our price range, of course. But repeatable in some form, perhaps?

Robert Dye Architects

The lines of the original house shown above even remind me of our own crazy jigsaw-effect rear exterior, with bay windows and tower bays all over the place. Maybe a gorgeous angled extension could help to make sense of it all?

In the meantime, I've been busy helping out (in a small way, by gathering petition signatures) with a campaign to save a local swimming pool. We heard today that the council have listened to the voice of the community, and have agreed to keep the pool open for another two years, instead of closing it next month. Hurrah! Clearly wine must be had in celebration. And also because wine is nice. Hic!