Making It Yours Part Two - Baby Girl's Nursery

You're all familiar with Nicole's Making It Yours series, yes? Where she follows one piece of furniture through several stages of an imagined life, and presents a mood board for each? Well, a few years ago I decided to do a real-life version of MIY featuring our recently purchased (and gorgeous) Perpetual Paris calendar by Obvious State.

First of all, the calendar lived in the home office at our first house. You can see the moodboard and real-life photos for Part One of my Making It Yours series here.

Then we turned the office into a nursery for Eva and kept Perpetual Paris in there because a) the numbers and letters seemed appropriate for a nursery and b) our house was teeny tiny and we kind of didn't have anywhere else to put it!

Perpetual Paris then moved with us to our current house. Only just, mind - we were having a last scan of the house to make sure we'd squeezed everything into the removal van, checked the spare room about seven times, and on the absolutely final check suddenly realised the calendar was still on the wall. It's huge, too! How daft are we. Anyway, it hung in our bedroom for 18 months because we needed to get it on the wall somewhere cos the dogs kept rolling on it - I promise this story is going somewhere, honest - and today it *finally* found a permanent home on the wall of our guest bedroom. Hurrah!

So, I need to share the Making It Yours moodboard and photographs of Perpetual Paris in its third home. But I realised I never got round to sharing the pictures of the calendar in its second home - Eva's original nursery. So I'm going to do that now.

Here's the moodboard:

Confession: I can't share all the links because I put the moodboard together a loooong long time ago. But I know the cot is Mamas and Papas, and the rug is the Harlequin duck egg vine rug.

And here are the real-life photos. The cot and sofa-bed side of the room:

And directly opposite, the changing table and bird mobile side of the room, where the calendar hung:

Some details:

And the calendar against our dark blue wall (we had pale blue on three walls, and deep blue on the fourth):

I'll get some photos taken of Perpetual Paris in its third home and share them next week. We've also just finishing oiling the floor of the guest bedroom so I'll do some pictures of that too; it's looking just delectable. Right now though I need to go and do something about the enormous amount of foliage that I somewhat ambitiously pruned from our front garden this afternoon, and left stacked in a huge unruly mound on the front path. I think some jumping up and down in green recycling bins is going to be required.