Spare Bedroom Oiled Floor - Before And After

Well it took us a year, but we finally got around to oiling the floor of our guest bedroom.

We actually really liked the rustic, Scandinavian feel of the plain stripped floor, but we love the rich finish of the Amber Osmo Polyx Oil even more.

Ta da!

Guest bedroom Victorian wood floor finished with Osmo Polyx Oil in Amber 3072

We also finally got around to dealing with the original Victorian hearthstone, which has been on the to-do list for about a million years. It started out covered in plaster, paint splotches and a random purple coloured sticky substance (possibly carpet glue?) - none of which had been caused by our renovations, I hasten to add.

Much laborious hand sanding later (yes, we're probably the only people who choose to spend our precious time in the evenings when the children are sleeping engaged in sanding random stone items) and the hearth looked like this:

Finally I applied a coat of satin-matt Osmo to make it look nice and glossy, and blend in better with the floor. Honestly, you can use this stuff on anything! Wood, paint, stone... I did a trial patch on one of the many pebbles we have lying around the house courtesy of our foraging daughter's trips to the beach, and it soaked into the stone leaving it smooth and dry to the touch with a beautiful 'just been washed by the sea' sheen. Lovely.

Note - we were able to use Osmo on the hearthstone because we'll never use the fireplace in this room. If the fireplace is intended for use, you have to use specific non-combustible and non-smoking products (olive oil wouldn't be suitable because it could smoke from the heat from the fire, for example).

Here's a wider shot of the room (minus all the furniture, of course).

Guest bedroom Victorian wood floor finished with Osmo Polyx Oil in Amber 3072

This is the only room (apart from the bathroom next door) that still has the original radiator. And it's also the only room that has the original fireplace (we've come to the conclusion that the fireplace in the living room is a replica, which is somewhat of a relief because we both hate it, and can therefore remove or paint it with a clear conscience).

Tonight's projects - finishing the rag doll that I'm sewing for Natalia's first birthday (next week!) and some last bits of upholstery for Natalia's bedroom chair.