Master Bedroom Before and After

Well, we're as before and after as things ever get round here, meaning we have plastered and painted walls, a beautifully sanded and oiled floor, and 27m of handmade heavy linen curtains gracing the giant Victorian windows. Light fittings, cushions, bedding, rugs, artwork - not so much, but we're so delighted with how WHITE everything is that we don't seem to be bothered about the missing accessories. 


And here's how it looked before:

The floors are finished in our usual gorgeous honey coloured Osmo Polyx oil in 3072 Amber. I gave all the curtains an extra inch so they would puddle nicely on the floor.

The main bay window (there's another large single window to the left, further along the wall):

Considering we had to take most of the room back to brick over the course of a few months, we couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. And yes, naturally we did everything ourselves, including the plastering. 

Here are some of our inspiration photos for where we want the room to end up eventually, but I think we've taken a pretty good step forwards. I have no idea how to take a proper interiors photograph but I can assure you the room does look as light and warm as the images below - we're stunned by how bright it is now we've banished all the red. And after quite frankly years of casual searching I've finally tracked down the glorious chandelier pictured below - a mere £13,000....

We're still working on the design for the fitted wardrobe so that will be the next project. Well, unless you count installing a perfectly formed six foot Christmas tree in the bay window, just because we can :-)