Eclectic Cupboard Handles For Our Fitted Wardrobe

I've had some unexpected spare time this week and have used it fruitfully to browse the internet in search of twelve perfectly uncoordinated door knobs for our fitted wardrobe project.

Here they are:  

From top to bottom, and left to right:

Trinca Ferro, Marks and Spencer, eBay

eBay, Trinca Ferro, Milo's Curiosity Shop via Etsy

Bombay Duck, Bombay Duck, Anthropologie

French Grey Interiors via NOTHS, Anthropologie, eBay.

I chose handles in a variety of metals, with simple shapes - mostly a variation on the rounded star 'melon' shape (the internet seems to be in total agreement that this particular shaped door knob is known as a melon shape, goodness knows why). They are all around 40mm diameter (I had to check each one carefully as some looked great but turned out to be tiny), and I also felt drawn to ones that had an imperfect vintage feel with delicate details. My favourite is the rose-gold glass melon one from Bombay Duck. I may swap the rose-shaped one on the top right for this one from Anthro, assuming I can bring myself to spend £14 on a cupboard knob!

Also, the Indian screens have arrived! More specifically, one screen has arrived and now we need to track down the other two. I also need to brave Ikea (even when you go to our local one at 10pm on a Tuesday it's still rammed) and order the internal drawers and shelves. Progress!

I've also recently been drawn into the serene, organic, rustic, luxe world of Lauren Leiss, a decorator and blogger from Virginia, US. I first found her blog a couple of years ago but stopped reading for some reason - I've picked it up again this past week and so far I'm on page 56 of 166 of the archives; that's a pretty good effort. The only other blog where I literally read the entire thing from cover to cover is YHL, albeit a good few years ago. I love Lauren's writing style, and the story of her house renovations and the growth of her business. If you've come across any great decor or renovation blogs recently, do let me know - I love finding new browsing material.

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