Today I'd like to introduce you to our bathoom. Now, at under 3 metres square, our bathroom is quite literally the smallest bathroom in the world. When Andre, Penny, Enrique and I are all in there at night, scrambling for a turn in front of the mirror with our toothbrushes, it can be a VERY tight squeeze.

So to compensate for its super-tiny proportions, we decided to go all-out on the luxury factor.

Getting straight to the point, here's how grim the bathroom looked when we first moved in:

Yup - the previous owners decided that the best way to deal with The World's Smallest Bathroom was by hanging the door from the right-hand side of the door-frame, in order to cleverly reduce the size of the room by half. Genius.

They also decided it would be a great idea to install the world's largest sink - so large, in fact, that it overhangs the bath by some not inconsiderable distance, thus being ideally placed for the purposes of banging your knee against it when getting in and out of the shower: 

The bathroom had no radiator, so they installed an electric heater under the bath (now there's a nice safety feature), and placed the ceiling light on a very long cord so the bare bulb nestled against the top of the shower curtain.

Readers, I can't quite believe we did it, but we put up with that bathroom for well over a year while we installed the kitchen, and transformed the garden - details coming soon! But with our wedding fast approaching (we got married in our very own Nest last summer - again, more details coming up!) and my obvious concern that our hideous bathroom wasn't quite going to co-ordinate with my beautiful vintage lace dress, our hand-sewn silk bunting, and our handmade invitations, we got stuck into that bathroom (literally, actually - two adults, two jack russells who insist on participating thoroughly in all DIY activities, and a new bath that didn't quite fit through the door didn't exactly leave us with much room to manoeuvre) and completely went to town on that bad boy!

Here are the gorgeous after photos:

I can hardly believe it's the same room. The smallest room in the house is now my favourite room - and with the underfloor heating, the dogs absolutely love it too - I often find them in there, spotted tummies pressed to the floor, luxuriating in the warmth.

Here's another before and after set:

And yes - this bathroom transformation was entirely DIY'd. You can view all the bathroom before and after photos, along with the kitchen before and afters, by checking out our photo gallery - when you flip between the photos you can really appreciate the difference!

I have tons more photos of the bathroom in progress - including the Day We Bought A Brand New Bath And Promptly Drilled Holes In It - stay tuned!