Alternative Uses for the Heals Milk Jug

Some people say that having a routine is boring. But personally I love the little routines that we create for ourselves, whether they are daily routines like smothering myself in seven different types of Clarins every morning (I sometime have a sneaking suspicion that it's an identical cream, just in a different bottle, but I always fall for the marketing spin and end up buying everything the salesgirl recommends), weekly rituals like reading the Sunday papers in bed, or annual rituals like spending a week every summer on an idyllic Greek island with the family, or planting new bulbs in the garden every autumn.

One of my favourite routines is the morning coffee routine. Every morning I make myself a cappuccino with the lovely Gaggia Andre bought me for a wedding present, and the Illy coffee beans that we have to buy online because nowhere in the UK seems to stock them, and my favourite Heals 'red spot' milk jug for milk-frothing purposes:

The next thing that happens in the routine is this:

Yep, that's little Penny sticking her snout in the Heals milk jug to lick up the very last few drops. So sweet! I'm sure Enrique would like to do the same, but his snout is just too big to fit in.

You can also see our laminate flooring more clearly in this photo - first we laid it in the kitchen, and then we bought more and laid it in the hall and living room so it flows throughout the ground floor. Then we bought some more and laid it in the spare bedroom upstairs, and our next project will be to lay some in the main bedroom.

I would love to have real wood floors, but with two dogs skittering around and spilling milk all over the floor, it's just not practical. Sigh. But I think the laminate looks pretty great considering it's not real, especially with the bevelled edges, and the fact that there's a different pattern on every plank.

It's getting dark outside now, so I can go and turn on the garden lights soon - I think I might take some photos and post them. Back soon!