A Walk Through The Autumn Woods (Plus Cake, Of Course)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a splendid weekend. Here is a short photo story from my Saturday.

The day started with a cappuccino, made with our Gaggia and served in one of the Heals mugs that we received as wedding presents last summer:

I then made my way over to Altrincham with the Jack Russells to collect a friend and her Labrador, and we all headed over to Tatton Park. It was raining quite heavily, but being British, we naturally didn’t let that hold us back:

I had a nice time releasing my inner child while scuffing through the leaves:

The dogs had a nice time racing through the trees by the lake:

They also dived eagerly into the below-mentioned blue-green algae, and had to be hauled out by their scruffs:

The leaves were lovely colours:

After a long walk, we went back to my friend’s house for lovely buttery, sugary, lemony Nigella Madeira cake:

I went home to our Nest, where Andre had arranged a deli picnic on some more lovely Heals wedding china:

Miss Penelope was very sleepy from her long walk – how sweet does she look?

So that was my Saturday – how was your weekend?