Out Of The Picture - Van Gogh's Room At Arles Part Three

Today I’m finally ready to share the room design based on Van Gogh’s Room At Arles – as part of my Out Of The Picture series, which takes famous paintings and creates room designs inspired by them.

So here’s how this works. First of all I analyse the painting, and come up with a list of design elements. You can read more about this first stage here. Next up, I create an inspiration board based on these design elements – you can read more about this here. Finally I create a room design including furniture and accessories – and that’s what I’m ready to share right now!

Let’s get straight down to it. Here’s the painting – Van Gogh’s Room At Arles:

Here’s the inspiration board:

Here are a couple of inspirational interiors that work with the vision I have in mind via Desire To Inspire:

And finally, here’s the room design:

Here’s the supplier list:

Lamp shade, sofa, yellow cushions, plates, picture, curtains.

Coffee table, vase, coaster and mug.

Rug, seagrass baskets, square wicker baskets.

Wooden cabinet, cabinet handles, yellow candlestick, blue candlestick, lamp base, lamp shade.

Based on the inspiration board, the look I was going for here included:

  • Vibrant colours - blues, yellows, browns, oranges and greens
  • Interesting elements in the room to catch the eye
  • Clean lines and shapes
  • Rustic/modern feel
  • Textures and layers
  • Mediterranean/Provencal style.

So what do you think? Could you live in Van Gogh’s Room At Arles? I couldn’t – but then again I really don’t like yellow!

However, I could definitely stand to have one of those blue and white patterned ceramic vases by Virgina Graham in my living room – oh wait, I already do :-) 

And I also adore the chunky sideboard, which is made by an amazing company in Nottingham called Eat Sleep Live (who made our bedroom furniture – you can check out the wardrobe here) – I’ll definitely post about Eat Sleep Live in more detail in future.

To focus on one final element, the plates are by a Manchester designer called Elizabeth Prince – again, I love Elizabeth’s ceramics (thank you to The Beat That My Heart Skipped blog for bringing her to my attention!), and I'll share some more detail about her work in a future post.

Back tomorrow with some more tips on building a garden deck in a monsoon – stay tuned…