Gorgeous Paper Garland From Lobster And Swan

Something I didn't expect when I started blogging was that I would come across a whole new world of lovely handmade gifts. Can you believe I had never heard of Etsy until a few months ago? Yes, shame on me...

I'd like to share a particularly lovely item that I bought on Etsy a couple of days ago from Lobster and Swan, and was just delivered. Let's open it together:

Isn't she lovely? And how sweet to receive a surprise Christmas card and gift tag in the parcel. I won't be keeping the garland permanently on the wardrobe (which is made of reclaimed oak, and purchased from Eat Sleep Live) - I just hung it there for photographic purposes. I think I'll probably drape it elegantly above the bed. So pretty!

If you haven't made the acquaintance of Lobster and Swan yet, I suggest you head on over to her blog immediately if not sooner. I think you will enjoy spending some time in her beautifully curated world. And her own photos do a lot more justice to her beautiful garlands than mine do :-)