Christmas Gift Round-Up For The Dog-Lover In Your Life

If you've been reading this blog for a while (heck, if you've been reading this blog for a day or two) you've probably picked up that I'm obsessed with my dogs.

Here's the supremely adorable Penelope:

And the equally splendid Enrique:

Soooooooooooo cute.

So when it came to deciding what kind of Christmas gift round-up to feature on my blog, the choice was simple. Without further ado, here is my Christmas gift round-up for the stylish dog-lover in your life.

First up, these decals from Lana Kole - how sweet would these little guys look peering round the side of your sofa?

Check out these stylish Happy Hot Dog cushions and clock from Hunky Dory Home:

I love these white canvas, felt applique and embroidery fabric tubes from The Lab - the idea is that you slide these tubes over a metal can, and use them to store pens, pencils, brushes, or even flowers. Very clever:

This Woofy Cable Container Dog from Bodie and Fou is so awesome. I can't stand to see wires trailing all over the place - we have a lot of tech in our Nest, and while most of it is wireless (natch) we still have a lot of wires lying around - so this little guy is a super-chic solution:

These crocheted poppets from Le Souk are so cute. How adorable is the dachshund? If you have a kid, or know someone who has a kid, buy one of these immediately, if not sooner. In fact, I'd quite like one myself just to sit him on my desk:

Finally, no gift round-up for dog-lovers would be complete without including the glorious Radley, who have in the past year or so completely revamped their range to include a whole bunch of gorgeous, butter-soft leather bags and accessories in chocolate brown, teal, russet, tan, pink, olive... divine:

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and found some inspiration.

I also have a gift round-up focusing on Etsy sellers from the Manchester area in the works, and I'll be sharing this soon. Watch this space!