This time last week I shared a glimpse into a romantic, contemporary, French-style London home. This week I'd like to share a room design inspired by this home.

As a reminder, here's the living room, kitchen and hallway of the house:

All images from the Telegraph magazine.

And now here's the room design:

Chandelier, vintage glass fishing floats, mirror

Picture frame, table, chairs, jardiniere, plant

Sideboard, candlesticks, cup and saucers, cushion, sofa

In order for this room design to work, you'd need to be living in a Victorian house, as this provides the vintage backdrop for all these modern pieces - with a few antique/romantic elements thrown in for a delicious contrast.

If you wanted to recreate this look in a modern house, you'd probably need the majority of your pieces to have a vintage, antique, romantic style, with some modern elements as a balance. It's the seamless blend of styles that works so nicely, I think.

Hurrah, it's the weekend! I'm going to be visiting the local Christmas festival in West Didsbury - XmasWestFest09 - and choosing our Christmas tree. How about you?