On Saturday, Andre and I saddled up the Jack Russells and took them for a spin down the road to West Didsbury to check out Xmas West Fest - a local Christmas festival that promised a Christmas lights switch-on, magical window displays, a Christmas tree, festive events, and mulled wine.

After warming ourselves with some mulled wine and lamb koftas from Pinchjos, our favourite local independent tapas restaurant (while simultaneously keeping both dogs on very short leashes to prevent them from jumping enthusiastically onto unsuspecting passers by) we wandered down Burton Road and took some photos of the Christmas displays in the shop windows.

Here's the window from Moth home accessories:

In typical understated Moth style, they've added a gorgeous paper snowflake to their window display.

David Gavin (interior design services) had a display of snowmen:

The wonderful Living Flowers had added twinkling fairy lights, lots of red and pink flowers, spruce brances, miniature Christmas trees, and little snowmen to their usual street display:

Even the new bridal store The White Closet had a Santa Claus in the window, who looked very happy to be sitting among the gorgeous vintage gowns and accessories:

Finally we reached the Thyme Out Deli (who catered our wedding last summer), where Enrique chose a Christmas tree from the mini-forest that Thyme Out had created in their back yard:

A certain someone was very sleepy after all that exercise:

More crimson and blue - man, I love that colour combination. The cushions are made from silk. I originally had them as curtains in one of the flats I lived in over the years, but when we moved into our little Nest, I turned them into cushions. Little Penelope loves to sleep on them. Someone is very, very spoiled.  

I hope you enjoyed this little festive tour of my local area. If you'd like to see more, you can take another tour of West Didsbury here.

Back tomorrow with a sneak peek into a gorgeous black, white and pink Swedish-style English country house. Stay tuned!