On the weekend we took Penny and Enrique to Clumber Park, a National Trust property close to my parents' house in Yorkshire. Both dogs had a fine time bolting around through the woods:


I also picked up some birch bark (from fallen branches, not from live trees, natch) that I plan to use to create some DIY vases in the style of this post from Design*Sponge. Watch this space!

Anyway, this walk taught me a very important lesson - I am in desperate need of a pair of Wellington boots. On previous dog-walking excursions I have always worn either my beloved (and battered) French Connection boots:

Or my snuggly chocolate brown Ugg boots:

However, neither pair of boots is exactly up to coping with the sea of mud that is Tatton Park at the moment, so I've decided to invest in a pair of wellies. Now, I'm aware that the chicest option is probably to purchase a pair of classic green Hunter wellies, but hey, I guess I'm not chic, cos I really want a patterned pair. Naturally they have to be in a muted shade of blue, green, brown or cream (cos pretty much every single item of clothing in my wardrobe is in a muted shade of blue, green, brown or cream).

So after extensive googling, here are the options I have come up with:


Sources (top to bottom and left to right):

Cath Kidston Teal Spot, Hunter RHS Thistle, Chantabelle Aqua

Tamara Henriques Toile, Regatta Patchwork, Hunter RHS Oak Leaves

Regatta Tapestry, Ivory Wedding Wellies, Turquoise Spot

Cute, eh? Which pair do you like best? Hmm, now I just have to decide which ones I like best :-)

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