A Year In Our Secret Garden - January

Ooh, it's time for my monthly A Year In Our Secret Garden post. Here's how the garden is looking at the moment:

Yep, that's more snow. Yay! However, before a foot of snow dropped neatly onto Manchester the other night, I took some photos of some other things that are happening around the garden right now:

Daffodil bulbs are coming up, the heavenly bamboo is covered in red berries, the pergola is still covered in greenery courtesy of the cordylines, clematis armandii and eucalyptus, the bamboo and olives look lovely in the winter sun, and the potted hebes are covered in a layer of icy snow. Oh, and Miss Penelope looks pretty. But that's just a given :-)

You can check out December's photo here, November's photo here, and see all the Year In Our Secret Garden photos in a gallery here.

Do you have a garden? How are things looking at the moment? Are you having fun in the snow?

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