Le Five Year Master Plan - Saving Our Pennies

I blogged the other week about our masterplan to move to France - and that the first element in the plan is saving our pennies:

No, not this Penny - we already saved her from the fate of being Some Random Person's Dog and elevated her to the status of Precious Pampered Princess. So spoiled.

It's clear to us that moving to France will require that we save a certain amount of cash under the mattress in advance. We are so not going to be one of those families you see on TV who blithely pack up their old kit bags, move across the channel, and casually expect to make enough money to support a family of four or five by running a little B&B (despite having no business or hospitality experience), or by selling olive oil or stuffed figs or some other such nonsense:

Source: Marie Claire Maison

This means that we have to be sensible about saving money over the next few years. While theoretically we will both still be able to continue working in our current jobs when we move (I work from home, for example), we'll still need some spare dineros to buy a tumbledown farmhouse and renovate it - y'know the drill:

Source: 25 Beautiful Homes

But equally, I don't want to have to sacrifice the little treats that short-term life has to offer for the sake of longer-term gain. We still want to take holidays, have nice meals out in our favourite local restaurants, buy huge floaty fifties-style skirts (me) and PC parts (Andre). I guess it's about living in the present, while keeping an eye on the future.

So for me, it all comes down to choices. Do I need something - or do I just want it?

For example - do I want a Mulberry handbag? Well, if a random stranger presented one to me in the street then I'd gladly accept it. But do I need one? Well, no. Not really.

However - the answer to the question 'do I need a gorgeous slouchy butter-soft satchel-style Radley handbag?' is... why, yes - yes, I do:

See how it works? Radley is very pretty, and a third of the price of Mulberry. It's all about choices.

I also love filling our house with flowers, and have no intention of cutting back on this:

There's nothing quite like the glorious scent of a crimson stargazer lily, is there?

And I'm obsessed with organic food (yes, I know, I'm so middle-class) and have several boxes of delicious goodies delivered to my (admittedly lazy) doorstep once a week:

Sure, I could buy cheaper in the local supermarket. But I don't want to. Simple, eh?

On the other hand, while I'd love a three-week holiday in the Maldives, this is the kind of reckless expenditure that we're trying to avoid. But a three-day holiday in Paris - now, that's a different story...

Bon weekend!

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