Magical Fairy Tale Lamps by Liz Scrine

Andre and I were doing some light shopping in the Manchester Craft Centre on Saturday (where I purchased some very pleasing blue and white ceramic pots by Lee Page Hanson to add to my collection - pictures coming up later) - when we spotted these fabulous lights by local artist Liz Scrine:

Aren't they amazing? And the best part is that they're tiny - about 20cm high, and 12cm deep. So peeping into them is like peeping into a magical doll-house, or a secretive fairy-tale world:

They reminded us of the incredible interior of Gaudí's Casa Batllo in Barcelona:

Source: Flickr and Barcelona Great Tours

Liz makes the lamps to order - you can purchase them through her website, or through one of her stockists, including the Manchester Craft Centre and Radiance Lighting.

She also makes lovely ceramic tiles:

I've definitely got my eye on one of those lamps. I need to figure out the perfect place to put it in our casa, and I think I'm going to indulge....

What's on your wish list at the moment?

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