Wardrobe Project - Lovely Clarissa Hulse Wallpaper

My Clarissa Hulse wallpaper samples have arrived!

Here they are:

So now I just need to decide which one would best pretty up the interior of my wardrobe. I'm probably going to say no to the two blue designs, because they're more of a purpley blue in real life and don't really match with the colour palette in the rest of the house.

Of the four remaining contenders, I'm most drawn to the Burnett pattern in espresso on cappuccino (OK, OK, dark brown on light brown) - I tried holding it up inside the wardrobe and it has a nice balance between being muted enough to not clash with my clothes, but also having enough drama to be interesting:

The samples are a generous A4 size, which is big enough to be useful, so I'll probably end up Mod Podgeing them all to an as-of-yet unidentified item of furniture. Mmm, crafty projects are so pleasing.

Which wallpaper do you like best? Actually, I'd be interested to hear if you like wallpaper at all, or whether you're all about the paint?