Before And After - Our Home Office

So finally I have gotten around to posting pictures of the new deep blue wall in our home office. Yes, I know, it's about bloomin' time.

Here's how things looked originally:

With the pale blue-grey walls, and the pale-blue grey desk, it was all just merging into one. And Perpetual Paris looked pretty good, but I wanted more drama.

So we (the royal we - I hate painting, but Andre is fortunately both generally obliging and highly adept with a paint roller) painted the wall behind the desk dark blue instead:

Oh yes. Liking it. Look how Perpetual Paris glows against the deep blue:

Everytime I walk into our spare room (which we use as a home office) I'm startled by the effect of the wall, which is rather pleasing, because I find that I very quickly get accustomed to how our casa looks. So it's nice to see things with fresh eyes for a change.

Have you made any changes to your own casa recently?