Our spare room/home office looks onto the street, so we have muslin curtains at the windows to give a little more privacy, while still letting the light in.

I made them three years ago when we first moved in - they have been looking a little worse for wear - mostly due to Miss Penelope and Mr Enrique clawing at them when they try to get out of the window to greet the postman:

So I made new ones - can you tell which is which?

Shudder. That is one dirty set of curtains. And we wash them regularly as well, honest!

I also decided to brighten things up a little, so I sewed a strip of pom-pom trim to the bottom of each curtain, creating a scarlet streak that looks great against the deep blue:

And also balances nicely against the scarlet cushions on the sofa against the opposite wall:

Little changes like this please me :-)