Over the past few months, I have been gradually (but sternly) banishing all the clutter from our casa. We didn't really have a lot of clutter in the first place (nothing like a two-bed semi for encouraging monastic tidiness), but the clutter that has escaped the general banishment has beaten a hasty retreat to this corner of the spare room:

"Have at you, clutter!", said I, and promptly hastened to Ikea to purchase yet more Expedit, which we assembled with the help of a very pretty assistant:

And then installed on top of the existing Expedit, so we now have a 6 x 9 floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall block of the lovely stuff:

Alice 1, Clutter 0.

Can you tell from my sporting reference that Engerlund just won a World Cup match? I am not exactly a football person myself, if truth be told, but there is some dude driving up and down our street right now honking his horn and bellowing Engerlund, so I figured they must have finally won something. Um, hurrah, I suppose!

So anyway, the final step is to make some kind of fitted cupboard in the corner and then the clutter Will Be No More. Muwahahaha!