Wedding Week - The Special Guest Stars

So as I've explained this week, we decided to hold our wedding reception in our back garden. This turned out to be an awesome decision for so many reasons (so personal, complete control over the decor, perfect excuse for restricting guest list to 40 people only) - and it also meant that we were able to involve our two beloved little monsters without having to send them to kennels for the day:

Yep, naturally I asked our wonderful florist to create floral collars for both of them.

Someone adored wearing her pretty collar:

Someone else was less than impressed:

Eventually we took pity on him and removed the offending collar - he then scampered happily around the marquee, picking up deli scraps from the floor, and taking his disreputable tennis ball to anyone he thought would throw it for him. He was still going at 3am, long after Miss Penelope had tucked herself in to catch up on her beauty sleep.

Well, I have had a lovely time this week re-living the memories of our happy day. I hope you've enjoyed reading along with me!

Next week I'll be sharing photos and stories from our recent holiday in Provence - à bientôt!