Andre and I spent the first two weeks of July in Provence. We took the Jack Russells. It was freakin' awesome. So naturally I insist on sharing a million pictures and stories with you this week (no, please, it's quite OK, I don't mind at all) - starting with a few things that I love about Provence:

You can park your car under an olive tree:

A plate of tomatoes, basil and oil is all you need for lunch:

Fruit tarts actually taste better than chocolate:

Lots of French people literally drive around in cars like this:

Four aubergines cost less than £2 - they're more like £1 each in the UK. And yes, I shop at the Super-U - I know I'm supposed to trek around the village from one local shop to another buying my baguettes, cherries, pomme de terres and poulet from various artisanal suppliers - but seriously? In 36 degree heat? When I am on holiday? No thanks - a nice drive in my air-conditioned vehicle to a nice air-conditioned one-stop-shop for me, thanks very much:

When you do visit the local corner shop, you find it sells fifteen types of tomato (instead of fifteen types of Lambrini):

Even dogs take siestas:

It's totally OK to eat the following for breakfast, cos French women don't get fat:

Oh, and this is the view from your front door:

Yeah. I heart Provence.