Wardrobe Project Update - It's Done!

Finally! The wardrobe project is FINISHED!

A while back, I decided to upgrade my wardrobe to include a fabulous shoe storage/display unit, inspired by the Christian Louboutin store in Paris.

So I drew the design. Andre and I made the shoe storage unit. I painted the unit. I choose (and purchased) the wallpaper. Ariound three months went past when we did absolutely nothing. And finally, last weekend, we got around at putting up the wallpaper. "This isn't proper DIY", grumbled my husband, the wallpaper-hating power tool-lover, but he was eventually galvanized into action by the promise of Donald Russell steak for dinner once we got the job done.

Here's how the wardrobe was looking before we got started:

We (gingerly) pulled out the unit:

Pasted paper onto the sides, and the back:

And finally the rest of the back, the ceiling and the floor. Dead simple.

Actually, it wasn't dead simple. It took six hours. There was some cursing involved. Especially when we realised we somehow had to find all the pre-drilled holes for the door hinges and the shelf supports through the paper once it had been pasted. Nightmare. Paste went EVERYWHERE. And it turns out that the only way to wallpaper the ceiling of a small wardrobe is to hold up the paste-daubed strip with your head while simultaneously pressing it into place. Nice.

Andre pretty much didn't think it was worth the effort. I totally thought it was worth the effort. Men, eh.

So anyway, here's the before shot:

And here's the Big Reveal:

Man, I love my new wardrobe.

And yeah, I totally can't walk in the nude platform CLs. Those be-yotches are FIERCE!