Yep, still lovin' on the Hipstamatic. In fairness, Provence doesn't exactly need the aid of a cute vintage makeover to look incredible, but I still enjoyed taking the pictures.

Presenting - two weeks in Provence as interpreted by The Mighty Hipstamatic...

Le petit déjeuner:

Freakin' delicious apricot juice:

Man, this stuff is so good. And you just can't buy it in the UK. Well, you can, but you have to order it online and it costs mucho dineros, whereas the French stuff is available in every grocery for about £1.50 for a large bottle. I cleaned out the local shops before we went home, and now have a large store of it in the kitchen cupboards. Sweet.

Tarte aux fraises:

Travelling Weber braai (yeah, it's all about the food):

Obligatory new holiday-flip-flops-from-Accessorize:

Obligatory huge bug-eye sunglasses:


The view from the shady vine-covered pergola of Cottage Number Two:

And the vines themselves:

Sleepy boy Jack Russell:

And sleepy girl Jack Russell:

Le sigh. Je t'aime, Provence. We haven't had a drop of sunshine in Manchester since returning home two weeks ago. Boo, English summers! On the plus side, I have another two weeks of holiday right now, which means that although it's only 10:30 am, I'm feeling a little bit sleepy so what the heck, I'm going to gather up the Jack Russells and go take a nap. Liking it.

À demain!